Tuesday, September 7, 2010

General Knowledge

Which is the first Dock built in India?
Sasson Dock In Mumbai.

What is the name of Bullet that used by Srpoys that coated with Cholesterol of Pig & Cow?
En-field 1853.

Who is the King of Kashmir During independence?
Hari Singh.

What's the name of the ball used in 2010 FIFA world cup& what's the meaning of it?

Which is the largest slum in Asia?
Dharavi in Mumbai.

Who invent Sewing Machine?
Issac Singer.

In which place press is first started in Asia & by Whom?
Tharangambadi by Seagan Balgh.

Who release the Tamil Dictionary on the basis of Alphabetic series?

What's the name of magazine that is published by Mahatma Gandhiji?
Young India.

மாவட்ட ஊராட்சி

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