Saturday, September 4, 2010

General Knowledge

General Knowledge
Which Dravidian Language thats speaks in Baluchistan?
Brahui which is belonging to Dravidian inscription.

How fingerprints are formed in human being?
After end of the forehand, blood doesn't circlulated beyond that hence it get reversed and thus
fingerprints are formed in human being.

Which Countries National flag has Sun in it?
Argentina & Uruguay.

Which Present city in Asia ia very ancient?
Peshawar of Pakistan from 6th century BC.

Why Moundbatten select 15th August for Independence?
Because in 1945 England invades Japan after Burma and register some special war.

Which Pandya is responsible for the Revival of Pandya empire?
Sundara Pandyan.

What's the Mothertongue of Jesus Christ?
Aramaic speaking only by 4000 people.

Who give the name Pakistan?
Chaudry Rahmed Ali.

Which is largest Freshwater Island in the world?
Majuli (or) Majoli.

Which is the largest Refinery in the world used only for Refining used on any Excavation Process?
Jamnagar Refinery of Reliance Industries Limited.

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