Thursday, September 2, 2010

General Knowledge

General Knowledge

What is the name of Lord Muruga in Sanskrit&how it is used in Ancient Sind Civilization?
Skanda. It is used with human being covered by two rings that shows save people by his offerings.

In which City first World Tamil conference has been held?
Kulalampur of Malaysia.

What's the main special of the Chennai's World Tamil Conference?
Its get converted from Scholar's conference to people's conference.

Which Inscriptions is the base for Tamil language?
Tamili(or)Brahmi inscriptions.

By which person's great effort World Tamil Research Center has been formed?
Tani Nayagam Adigalar.

In which Language Thirukural Was first Translated & by Whom?
Latin by VeeramaMunivar.

What does Gelotology means?
Study of Laughter.

Which is the World's Longest Drama?
Hamlet consist of 4042 lines & 29551 words.

Who Invented Toothbrush?
William Addis in 1780.

Which Ancient Epics written in Sand?
Gilgamesh of Babylon Civilization.

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