Thursday, September 2, 2010

General Knowledge

The world’s first cellphone made by?

What"s the name of Adolf Hitler's Air Force?

Who is the First man Jump from Parachute?
Blenn Shart in 1783

From which Airline Company Air India is Originated?
Maharaja Airlines.

Who is the main reason on the seperation of states by language Basis?
Potti Sriramalu a famous congress leader.

Which Book is the base for the start of Freedom Movement in United States of America?
"Common Sense" By Thomas Paine.

In Which city Zoo was first started?

Between Which Two Countries Postal Stamp Was Fought?
Paraguay and Bolivia on the region of Chaon.

Which Temple Tower is the Offical Logo of Tamil Nadu Goverment?
Nine-tier west gopuram of  Meenakshi Sundareswarar temple. Ref :

What is the name of Pact (or) Agreement that signed Between USA&Allies during World War 2?
Lend-Lease agreement

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